Pretty In Pink : 4'41" : 2013

Pretty in Pink : is a visual music animation comprised of elements created using analog technologies, where both audio and visual components were generated simultaneously. Frequencies were transformed into visible form, assembled into numerous visual fragments and digitally re-arranged frame by frame to create a rhythmic audio/visual composition.

The soundtrack is not an addition to the video, it was created by editing the source recordings, video, with the audio track intact, so the soundtrack is in essence a video edit.

Pretty in Pink : Screening History

Corti and Cigarettes Experimental Film Festival Rome, Italy Sept 2014
No Gloss International Film Festival Leeds, UK Oct 2014
Arcanum video and animation festival Lendava, Slovenia July 2014
Color Arts Festival European Film Festival Zalaegerszeg, Hungary June 2014
WTF What the music Festival Portland, Oregon, USA June 2014
IVAHM International Art House Madrid Madrid, Spain June 2014
Salon International de la Luz International Film Festival Bogota, Colombia May 2014
NorthWest animation Festival Portland, Oregon, USA May 2014
New Music Dublin National Concert Hall Dublin, Ireland Feb 2014
Klub Katarakt New Music Festival Hamburg, Germany Jan 2014
Salon International de la Luz new media art festival Bogota, Colombia May 2014
Marler Media Art Awards museum of sculpture Glaskasten, Marl, Germany Oct-Jan2014
Indie Cork festival of independent cinema Cork, Ireland Oct 2013
Flexiff International Experimental Film Festival Sydney, Australia Sept 2013
Best of Clip Award 8 internaional short film Mannhein, Germany Aug 2013
Buffalo Infringement Arts and Film Festival Buffalo, New York, USA July 2013
Ares Film and Media festival Syracuse, Italy July 2013
FAV Festival Alto Vicento Santorso, Italy June 2013
IKFF Hamburg International Short Film Hamburg, Germany June 2013
Plattform No Budget Film Festival Tubingen, Germany May 2013
Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation New York May 2013
AIEFF Australian International Experimental Film Festival Melbourne Australia May 2013
Noisefloor Electroacoustic music Festival Stafford, UK May 2013
EFF Portland Experimental Film festival Portland, Oregon, USA May2013
Clip Award international low and no budget Mannheim, Germany April 2013
Lightworks New Media Arts Festival Grimsby, UK March 2013
Mountaineer Short Film Festival West Virginia, USA March 2013